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Easiest Way to Get IT Service – PERIOD!

Adam D Technology App on iphone and android

Easiest Way to Get IT Service – PERIOD!

Have you ever murmured these words to your computer person; “darn it, I wish you could hear what my computer sounds like”, “ugghhh, I wish my problem would happen while you’re here” or “I wish you could see what I see right now”.

Well, all of your frustrations have been solved by your smart and loving IT Company, Adam D Technology. We have recently developed a mobile device application that is Apple and Android friendly. It allows you to “let us hear that noise” that your computer is making as if we were there, it “lets us see video of your issue” as if we were there and “let us see pictures of your blue screen” as if we were right there next to you.

Above are two links, one for Android download and one for Apple download. Below we have a tutorial of how the mobile device application works and bug reporting so you may help us, help you and make this app even better.

Give it a try, it’s FOREVER FREE to download and use! What do you have to lose; frustration? stress? All the above I say…

Live Long and Prosper


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