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15 Aug

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23 Jun
28 Mar

The Last Password You’ll Ever Have To Remember!

“You don’t want your car to be unlocked by anyone but you. How would you feel if a complete stranger held the keys to your personal computer?”


What might you do if you forgot your password to that website that you use twice a year? How frustrated do you get when you “know that password should work!”? If you were in a serious time crunch for work or school and your password doesn’t work, what would you do; who would you call?

These are all common questions that one may ask of themselves on a daily basis, depending on how much you use your technology.  Based on several studies, on average 82% of people have forgotten a password on a website that they frequent.  About 64% of people either physically write down their passwords or use some type of spreadsheet to manage their passwords.  Alarmingly, 70% of people do not use a unique password for a majority of the websites they visit.

The first figure typically results in frustration and lost time because you have to search for the password or click on “reset password” link that most websites have.  The second figure may result in lost or stolen passwords and can cause a security breach of your personal information.  The last figure combined with the physically writing your password down or using an unsecured spreadsheet is most alarming, typically resulting in undesired access to 70% or more of websites containing personal information.

How might you solve this problem you ask? It is a simple solution that requires little effort and can be free for the individual.  The service if called LastPass and can be found at The solution is in the name… You setup a secure password that will essentially be your “Last Password” to ever remember, then you import all of your current passwords and setup any new websites or application passwords in the LastPass portal.

Other neat features that are accessible are: secure notes, corporate subscriptions that allow you to manage employee passwords and a mobile application that allows you to have your passwords on the go. Regardless of how savvy you are in the computer, all of the above figures translate to valuable time wasted and crucial personal information being compromised.

Adam D Technology suggests that you use LastPass or a service similar to it that helps you keep track of all of your passwords in a secure way.  Whether you are a business or an individual this platform allows for continuity between all devices if you are sitting at your desktop/laptop or on the go with your mobile phone.  LastPass’ tag line is “Simplify your life. LastPass manages your online life, so you don’t have to.”

“How would you feel if you left your front door unlocked and someone came and stole all of your valuables? Think about this next time you leave your accounts unlocked on your device without any type of protection.”


Adam-D-Logo-LargeIf you are in need of assistance in setting up a service like this please call our main line at (520) 762-7614, email us at or visit and chat with us live from our website.

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06 Jan

Opening a Business? Let Us Help, We’ve Been There

Adam D Technology is a leader in developing new products and services that benefit people and help them along their pursuit of success. We have an exciting offer that we’d like to share with you and gauge your need and drive to use such a service. By taking 5 minutes to answer 7 questions, you will be helping the backbone of our working class, entrepreneurs, earn themselves a free Web Page. Only thing they need to qualify is; their business license application for current year. I vividly remember starting my business with very little money but tons of time. We are professionals at this, let us spend our time in exchange for your referrals and word of mouth advertising; as long as you’re happy of course… Do what you love and let us do what we love which is help others be successful. Happy New Year!

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