29 Oct

Busy D Pumping

Busy D Pumping Inc has been using Adam D for several months. Earlier this month our server crashed and we lost our scheduling system and financials.
Once we placed the call to Adam he was on site promptly and started work.
The issue with the server was major and the server had to be wiped clean and re-setup. Due to Adam D’s efficiency in setting up our backup we lost very little information. Adam worked pretty much around the clock to get us back up and running. Our POS program’s help desk is located back east and due to time differences Adam had to be up at 6am to call them. He did this and never complained or blamed anyone. This was a stressful situation for our office and our technicians. When tempers flared due to lack of information Adam stayed calm and assured us he would take care of it and he did.
I am beyond pleased with his work.

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