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Web presence is essential to growing any business, and yet it’s tacitly understood that a good website it too expensive for small business. We believe this should not be the case, so we now have a way for you to get your foot in the world wide web for under 300 dollars.

Why is having a website so important?

As far as marketing your business, a website is the greatest marketing tool available because it works for you 24 hours a day, it is more accessible now than any other form of marketing, and it is not limited to location and demographics.

A website is always representing your company. When you closed for the day, it can be selling merchandise and processing payments for you. While you’re on vacation, your site can be informing potential customers on what services you provide. It could be giving directions and contact information right now.

The internet is ubiquitous and within virtually anyone’s reach. With a website you don’t loose potential leads because they don’t pass your billboard, read the newspaper you’re featured in or watch the station your expensive television ad is running on. In the same sense, they are not limited to age groups, gender or location. A website can target everyone, everywhere, equally and all the time.

At Adam D Technology, we are excited to now offer starter websites for businesses. To make a website for less than three hundred dollars used to mean having advertisements on a mundane, flat design. With our new website starter for business, you can choose from ten (and counting) professional, fun and sleek designs, all crafted here at Adam D Technology. All of our designs can be customized so that your website will have its own unique flavor. You can even use your own logo, company colors, and images!

For $299, you get the following:

  • One page design based off of our template
  • Include your company info (address, email), and additional text
  • Choose your own colors, use your own logo and insert your own images (up to 2)
  • Company email address with webmail, e.g.
  • Choose your own url (not included in price)
  • Free hosting for a year ($120 value!)
  • Addon and Edit Pages at discounted rates
  • A great starter for anyone who wants a website, not just businesses!

What next?

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Need something a little different?

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